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Swished On Basketball Coaching, Auckland


Basketball is only the beginning

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in New Zealand. And love of the sport is growing.

When you’re looking for a basketball coach for your school programme or a club for your child to join, it can be hard knowing what to look for.

So what do you do? You reach out and try to find a programme for them.

Imagine if you could find a basketball programme that fitted the needs of your school or child. That provided more than just excellent basketball coaching.

At Swished On, we believe that kids deserve to reach their potential.

And basketball is the perfect vehicle for that.

We’ve developed a basketball coaching programme that allows kids to play for fun and enjoyment or competition and challenge. And allows them to build skills that help them thrive in life as well as on the court.


Learn. Live. Love. Basketball

Learn to play basketball or improve your game. We coach schools Year 1-13 for enjoyment, skills and competition.

Basketball is more than skills. We show our kids that what they learn on the court can help them thrive in life.

Basketball is a team sport. We help our kids feel part of a strong community, whatever their skills and background.

Our Team

Stuart McEwen, Founder & CEO

I grew up loving basketball.

I saw how the game developed strong foundations that I used in all aspects of life - Teaching me how to trust my instincts, be a team player, communicate with others and develop a vision of what I wanted to be.

After a career playing collegiate basketball in the US, I returned to New Zealand and started coaching local primary, intermediate and high school students.

When I started coaching, I could see how the skills I learned playing the sport could benefit the kids in Auckland.

So I created a basketball development programme teaching essential skills that allowed kids to progress in the game. And also reinforced how these skills could be used off the court to help them thrive.

Being involved in basketball has given me a deep insight into what the school and greater community can get from basketball.

So the Swished On team and I designed a systemized structure to grow a sustainable basketball model for youth. Empowering them to have success on and off the court. And we do this by teaching them the relevant skills and values needed to have a successful experience in basketball.

Joshua Reeves


Clodia Wang


and the rest of our team!

Helping kids achieve their potential on and off the basketball court

Clear basketball coaching pathway & development programmes

Basketball coaching paired with life skills development

Primary, secondary school and club basketball coaching in Auckland

Basketball Classes in Auckland

Are you Swished On?

One of the most rewarding things in basketball is shooting a “swish” and hearing the noise of the ball as it passes through the net.

To execute a swish, you have to shoot the ball perfectly in the middle of the hoop. And to do this, you need to be Swished On!

  • Confident

  • Empowered

  • Prepared

  • Balanced

  • Ready To Go

  • Swished On

Our development and training programmes meet each child where they’re at and tailor their coaching to what they want to achieve. Whether their goal is to play for fun or as a pro.

Each level of progression looks at how Year 1 – 13 school students are demonstrating consistency in values and basketball skills.

Here are some of the values and skills we develop and assess at each level.


  • Team Player

  • Communication skills

  • Respect

  • Responsibility


  • Shooting

  • Dribbling & Passing

  • Defence

  • Decision making

“We’ve recently engaged Swished On to launch a Junior Primary School Basketball programme. From the outset, this has proved to be very popular.

We have nearly 40 x 5&6 children signed up and looking forward to playing in the All-Girls League next year. The coaches are fantastic, with a good understanding of how to coach youngsters, keeping content fun, dynamic, challenging and engaging minds and bodies. The 3v3 format is perfect for maximising participation and development.”